I’m Abby

About Me

abbyabout was founded on experiences and flavors of living abroad. From France, Jordan, Sri lanka and Mexico to finally landing in Gods own – Yorkshire

My mission

My mission is to be part educating and reinstating healthy wholefoods back into our diets.
Food supply and demand has swung in a very unhealthy way. We are swamped with way too many options for processed and ready made foods.

What we do

We educate people train and entertain a variety of ways to make people more aware of how crucial your diet can be we do this in fun ways like teaching you to cook Mexican and Mediterranean food. Training colleges and schools on the importance of nutrition or come to one of our fun foodie nights where the food doesn’t just taste great

Find out more about what we do

Drop me an email and hopefully I’ll be able to answer any questions you may have


'We are only seeing the start of the Mexican revolution': why the UK's taco trend is here to stay - https://t.co/HLa5wwFzey #GoogleAlerts

Rachel Reeves: Summer isn't fun for many - https://t.co/eT3SEbpO72 #GoogleAlerts

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