Chillies and Moles Foodie Course 25th May


Mexican Chillies and Moles cooking course

Chillies and Moles Foodie Course

Who is this course for?
Chefs and adventurous home cooks alike.
How long does each class last?
Once a week for four weeks each class lasts around 2 – 3 hours (this course can be done at your place of work or your home)
What will we cover on this 4 week course ?
From mild fresh green or red salsas, to punishing habanero purees, Most salsas in Mexico include fresh or dry, mild or hot chillies as one of their ingredients. Mexican salsas are an essential part of the cuisine and contrary to popular belief they are used as an accompaniment to a meal rather than a dipping salsa. On this 4 week course you will learn to work with fresh and dried chillies and create simple salsas to complex moles. What you will learn in four weeks will be fundamental in understanding and preparing authentic Mexican recipes. This course will give you an edge when it comes to cooking authentic Mexican food You will learn the techniques to work with fresh and dry chillies. We will prepare several salsas as we work through the different chillies.
Are the most exquisite and complex sauces in Mexican gastronomy. Most mole recipes include between 25 and 30 ingredients, which are added gradually and in a certain order while cooking. The dark mole is the one with chocolate added and this is the one that is mass produced in jars. We will work through some of the sacred seven moles of Oaxaca. At the end of the course you will have the special knowledge needed to wow your friends, family or customers.

Can I get hold of any ingredients.
I will have some shop items to sell


Thu 2017

19:00 – 21:30 BST

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