Wholesome food that tastes great

To some people this is a healthy meal

 We are here to show them  that you can have nutritious exciting and great tasting food without the need  to have load it with sugar and saturated fats


We can design a custom program to meet each school needs and in line with the national curriculum, our sessions focus on developing pupil understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. Pupils will develop their practical skills whilst learning about food safety and hygiene. These can be delivered as a cookery programme during the school day or as an after-school enrichment activity for more information please Contact us.

Colleges and Universities

We are available for custom made courses in healthy wholesome food. Whether it’s an option for Adult learning to a niche class in Mexican, Mediterranean or Sri Lankan food We can also offer off-site classes for the students wanting to learn how to eat healthy on a budget for further information please contact us.

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