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  • Thu

    Authentic Mexican Supper Club

    19:00 – 22:00The Prosecco Bar at Bar Biccari 2 Highfield Road Horbury WF4 5LY

    Pop up Authentic Mexican food, served buffet style a great evening in store sharing, socialising, relaxing and having fun.
    Come in and get your drinks from the bar
    My suggestions for parings with this menu would be a Chelada - Light larger with salt and lime. or a traditional Margarita.

    So what’s on THE MENU? (all spicy salsas on the side)
    Chips, guacamole, and salsas included

    Appetizer - Sopes - Mexican corn tarts with potato and chorizo.

    Mains -Cochnitia Pibil- Pork in achiote (marinated in a tangy orange seed paste with mexican aromatics)
    Chicken in pumpkin seed mole
    Sweetcorn spinach and mushrooms in a tangy tomato and cumin salsa
    Black beans in epazote
    handmade corn tortillas
    Mexican red rice
    Dessert - Mexican cold rice pudding with edible rose petals.

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